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Road to Better Living is dedicated to bringing what we call “Present Day Truth” to the body of Christ. There are so many different interpretations of Bible prophecy in the Christian church today, and Road to Better Living is trying to eliminate doctrinal error in God’s church.

You will find topics on this site prove that the Bible, does, in fact, interpret itself. Please use your Bible and compare what is written in our topics with what your Bible says. We will not wrestle scripture from its true meaning in order to defend favorite theories like the prevailing custom is in the Christian world today. Here at RTBL you will find Bible Prophecy explained in context with what Bible scripture truly teaches.

During the course of your reading, you will find that many pagan doctrinal errors have crept into God’s church over the course of several centuries. This is why we’re here, to expose those counterfeit doctrines and errors.

Many Reject God, but why?

Why do people reject the God of the Bible
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God’s Other Worlds

God's Other Worlds
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God’s Final Warning to Earth

Three Angels Message Graphic
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Satan’s Tool Belt

Satan's Tool Belt - 6 Tools Satan uses again us
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Satan has been very successful in clouding the true Character of God through deception, and pagan doctrines. God desires that His people know who He truly is and He has been exposing lies and false teaching in the body of Christ since the Protestant Reformation.

By reading the topics on this site, you will see just how successful Satan has been in smearing and hiding the true Character of the God from His people.